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We, Real Chemical, have been creating our original products to keep your hair beautiful since our establishment in 1945

With the development of cysteine based permanent-wave solution, the first of its kind in our industry, for minimizing the impact on your hair, and the early introduction of acid oxidation hair dyes for reducing the damages to your hair into our service, we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to try hair colors appropriate for Japanese hair as much as possible. “Natural dyes/REAL BOTANICAL COLOR,” which was released in 2001, was the first product incorporating our new concept: Integration with Nature. We are living with stress in a variety of social settings in this large-scale natural environment called earth. We have to live our lives in the future by adjusting ourselves to the very complicated society and being in harmony with nature.We have been destroying our natural environment by adopting mass production and mass disposal for sheer convenience, leading to various unprecedented problems that have affected the health of people and the environment, such as an increase in allergies, natural disasters due to climate change, etc. In our industry, we still face challenges in reviewing and improving hair color and perm products in terms of safety and environmental protection. To solve this challenge, Real Chemical believes that chemistry and nature must work in harmony to be integrated. It is necessary to work with two elements simultaneously instead of choosing between the two, chemistry or nature. As a result of this activity, we believe that we can live our lives beautifully in our complicated society and the natural environment at the same time. Using this method, Real Chemical will solve the challenge, help people maintain their health, positive, and beautiful lifestyles, and make a contribution to society. Each of our company members will join together to recognize this mission and perform daily tasks for a better future.


Chemistry and Nature Working in Harmony


Real Chemical will help people to achieve their beautiful and comfortable lifestyles by providing products that emphasize safety and functionality. In addition, we will create the products, from production to disposal, that have no influence on the environment to leave behind a beautiful earth for the future.